Our Mission

Bonafide Sisterhood Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides much-needed resources to challenging communities. Focusing on redirecting, rebuilding and preventing gang and gun violence. Creating a safer place for future generations.

Equipping our participants with the tools needed to overcome obstacles, hindrances and deliberating hurts.

Supporting families through life challenges by connecting them to Community Based Life Coaches that will help them connect the dots. We will also advocate for our clients through any systems that challenge their well-being.



Recognized through various organizations, Tonyia empowers teenagers and young adults to overcome difficult challenges by teaching them how to love and respect and see  themselves from a different perspective,

Prior to forming BONAFIDE Sisterhood, Tonyia became a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Violence Interrupter. Building self-esteem and confidence through counseling and love, Tonyia is dedicated to personal growth of all people.  She currently resides in the Antioch,  California.