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BONAFIDE SISTERHOOD INC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides much-needed resources to challenging communities. Focusing on redirecting, rebuilding, and preventing gang and gun violence by supporting youth and their families through life’s challenges by connecting them to Community-Based Life Coaches that will help them connect the dots along their healing journey and advocate for their well-being.


“My goal is restoring the family structure in our communities by helping people develop in their Purpose. I wish to create platforms to develop Entrepreneurs instead of handing down jobs. Bring back labor workers and skilled people to create the resources needed to maintain their homes, then the Community. 


I want to see the day where leaders get back in position and be the bridge between city officials and police. I also want to give our young people a voice to set the tone for how they see the future for their families.”


Founder & Executive Director

Known to many as ‘Nina’ or ‘Ms. Carter’, Tonyia creates change by developing programs and tools to assist at-risk teenagers and young adults to overcome social and emotional difficulties so they can reach their full potential. She leverages her life and professional experience in conquering challenges such as pain, rejection, and abandonment. 


Recognized through various organizations, Tonyia empowers youth - at the precipice of adulthood - by teaching them how to love and respect themselves, yielding a healthy self-esteem. She is a loving person who is dedicated to the person growth of all people.


Prior to founding Bonafide Sisterhood, Tonyia began as a Cosmetology entrepreneur that specialized in using her artistic vision to build up each client’s self-esteem and confidence through counseling with love so their inner and outer beauty sync. Over the years, she has also became a Certified Life Coach, Certified Violence Interrupter, and an Ordained Minister. She is also a proud Mom, Grandmother, and friend. 

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